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For nearly three decades, Phoenix Gold has earned the distinguished reputation for engineering and design excellence of mobile audio amplifiers. Our world class engineering and R/D teams continue to create amplifiers that are more powerful, more efficient and more convenient to integrate into OEM systems. All while maintaining the ultimate goal, the sonic excellence of reproducing your music exactly as it was intended. Over the years, Phoenix Gold has been used as the benchmark for mobile audio amplifiers due to their legacy of unparalleled sound quality. Today, the Phoenix Gold product line is diverse with multiple applications, but it's fundamental engineering and design goals of uncompromising performance remain unchanged.


These amplifiers are designed and built to the same standards that made Phoenix Gold a legend of the industry. As true competition level amplifiers they are intentionally overbuilt for maximum performance with dual unregulated power supplies, hand wound power supply transformers, and heavy duty aluminum heat sinks.


SD Amplifiers are the newest creation from the engineering gurus at Phoenix Gold. These amplifiers are ultra compact, so they can be mounted just about anywhere. But don't be fooled by their small size as these amplifiers deliver serious power output. The PG Gurus have created a full-range Class D topology that seamlessly delivers outstanding sound quality that even  the most sensitive of ears will enjoy. The Class D design is also ultra efficient. This means lower operating temperatures and less strain on the vehicle's electrical system. The SD Amplifiers are the perfect balance of power, size and affordability.


The R-Series is an evolution of amplifiers, dollar per watt they provide the best bang for the buck available today. Built tough with a heavy duty heatsink, robust unregulated power supply, oversized direct input power and speaker terminals. They also sound sweet thanks to the audiophile bi-polar output transistors. R-Series amplifiers will power your audio system to new levels everyday and all day without breaking the bank.


The Integrated Series is the first aftermarket mobile amplifier with full databus awareness and integration, this means it can replace the factory amplifier in a nearly plug n' play installation. Installing an Integrated Series amplifier  is easy, simply remove the stock amplifier, then plug in the Integrated Series amplifier using the provided wiring harnesses. There are no wires to cut, no fishing for obscure wires and no additional band aids to wire up. The amplifier fully retains all the OEM Functions such as steering wheel controls, head unit functionality, blue tooth, On-Star, Chime functions, etc. This makes for a predictable and painless installation that is completely reversible when the lease is up or the vehicle is sold.

Chevy Camaro 2010 - 2012
Chevy Camaro Integrated Sound System (2010 - 2012)