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Choose Your Remote Manufacturer to the Left. If You Don't Know Your Manufacturer, Use Our Search Bar to Search By Remote FCC ID Number.
Please read some of the common questions asked before ordering. If you should still have questions regarding which remote or key to purchase, please contact customer service at 925-308-7677.

Q. I lost or damaged my security key / remote, how do I know which one to order?
A. To get a replacement remote or key, we need to know the FCC ID Number on the backside of your remote, the remote circuit board number, the security key code, or the actual model number of your security system.
Q. How do I find the Model Number of my system?
A. If you do not have your Security System Manual, you will need to identify the System Model Number by going to the main "box" of your security system. Usually the main "box" is located under the driver side dash panel. You may want to follow any external hardware for your system (ie. Valet Switch or LED light) that may lead you to the main control "box".
Q. How do I find the Security Key Code of my Prolock or Loctronics system?
A. Your Key Code is a combination of letters and numbers etched into the tip of your key. If you lost your security key or cannot read your code, please identify which "Key Receptical" you are using by going to the Loctronics Security Page and then e-mailing customer service at
Q. When I buy a new remote control will my old one still work?
A. Most of the time YES. Though there are a few security system models that have NEW Remote Technology that will not allow the new style and the old style to operate at the same time. In this case, you will need to purchase NEW Style remote(s) to replace all old styles.
Q. Do you sell Factory Remotes?
A. Yes, We do sell Factory Remotes. Please call customer service with your year,make, and model.

Q. When do I replace the battery in my remote?
A. The battery should be replaced when ever you notice a decrease in range. This is usually every 6-12 months.

Q. Can I get a replacement case for my remote or do I have to replace the entire remote?
A. Most manufacturers do NOT sell the outer remote casings. If your remote case is broken, we suggest purchasing a new remote and keeping the damaged remote as a spare.

Q. Do I have to program my new remote to my system?
A. Yes, most remotes need to be programmed. We include easy to follow step by step self programming instructions for remotes that can be programmed by the consumer. Any programming that requires additional help or parts, will be clearly noted.

Q. If one of my old remotes were stolen, can the code be changed to prevent the stolen remote from working?
A. In most cases, Yes. Please contact customer service for assistance.

Q. What is a Valet, Override or Programming Switch?
A. A Valet, Override, or Programming Switch is either a push button or a toggle switch used to override the alarm system manually and / or program in new remotes.

Q. Where is my valet switch located?
A. The most common location for the valet/override switch to be installed is under the drivers side dash board.

Q. What is a LED light?
A. Many alarm systems have a light mounted somewhere in the vehicle to announce the vehicle has a security system and that the vehicle is armed.